Web Developer Associate

Web Developer Associate Responsibilities: Collaborate with clients to understand website requirements and goals. Design and build aesthetically pleasing and responsive website front-ends. Implement seamless website architecture and develop effective themes and plugins. Manage back-end, ensuring high performance and server integration. Generate custom WordPress themes/plugins and conduct client training sessions. Optimize website performance and troubleshoot content […]

Video Editor Intern

Video Editor Intern Responsibilities: Edit and produce video content for social media platforms and marketing use. This includes refining raw footage, color grading, audio mixing, and adding special effects.  Collaborate with the creative team to brainstorm and develop innovative concepts for video content that align with our clients’ needs and objectives. Stay informed about the […]

Business Development Intern

Business Development Intern Responsibilities:  Conduct research to identify potential markets, competitors, and industry trends. Gather data and information to support business development initiatives.  Assist in identifying and qualifying leads through various channels, such as online research.  Assist in preparing proposals and presentations for potential clients.  Collaborate with the team to create compelling pitches and value […]

Digital Marketing Associate


Assist in conducting marketing research and competitive analysis to understand client industries and target audiences.
Compile insights to contribute to strategic decision-making for marketing campaigns.
Support in managing client relationships, acting as a key point of contact for assigned projects.
Collaborate with clients to understand their goals and objectives, ensuring alignment with agency services.
Contribute to the development and management of budgets for digital marketing campaigns.
Monitor and report on budget allocations to ensure effective resource utilization.
Work closely with the team to develop marketing materials aligning with client and agency business strategies.
Assist in creating annual marketing plans and proposing strategies in line with client goals.
Collaborate on creative concepts for campaigns and effectively brief the design team for graphics or video creation.
Contribute innovative ideas to enhance campaign effectiveness.
Assist in planning and executing digital marketing initiatives, including SEO/SEM, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns.
Contribute to the creation of compelling and engaging content for digital channels.
Participate in measuring and reporting on the performance of digital marketing campaigns.
Evaluate campaign success against goals, focusing on ROI and KPIs.
Stay informed about emerging technologies relevant to digital marketing.
Evaluate and recommend tools and platforms to enhance campaign efficiency.
Assist in gathering customer and market insights to inform outreach strategies.
Contribute to efforts aimed at increasing customer conversions and generating qualified leads.
Skills & Qualifications:
A degree in marketing or digital marketing.
Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Experience in conducting market research and competitive analysis.
Experience in developing and implementing marketing plans.
Strong attention to detail and ability to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints

Experience: 0.5- 1 years
Employment Type: Full Time (In office)
Location: Ahmedabad

Social Media Intern

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Content Writer Intern

Content Writer Intern Responsibilities:  Collaborating with the marketing and design teams to develop and execute content strategies that align with our brand and objectives. Researching industry-related topics and trends to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our content. Writing, editing, and proofreading content for a variety of mediums, including blog posts, website copy, social media […]

Graphic Designer Intern

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